3 Books To Help Quilters Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions

Do these resolutions sound familiar? Great! Grab the book and get going – we’re making it easier for you to get started. For one week only (until 1/22/14) get any of these three books, Thimbleberries Scrap Quilts, Easy-Cut Quilts with a Modern Twist, and Quilt Sashings & Settings The basics & beyond,  for 30% off in our online store. 

E.B. Updegraff (Landauer’s Digital Marketing Manager) reflects on New Year’s resolutions and reaches out to quilters and friends with books and resources to help them succeed in 2014.

Quilters-New-Year's-Resolutions_FB2 I have to say, my favorite time of the New Year is after the New Year has passed.

A month ago I had a clear resolution for the New Year. I was ready to finally get our house organized. In preparation, I spent hours on Pinterest gathering massive image collections featuring the pristine closets of complete strangers. A month later, and all I have to show for my resolve is a theory – the bigger the total number of “problem-solving” Pins I collect, the lower my desire to actually do anything about the problem, because some problems just aren’t that important.

That’s why I love the weeks after the New Year. It’s when I realize it’s more important to chase my joy instead of my dust bunnies. I can accept things as they are and put my energy into more important things – like spending time with the people I love, and investing more money and energy into the things that make me feel fulfilled. For me, that means spending more time creating, crafting and quilting.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" is the quote from Albert Einstein featured on our Facebook Page, where we polled our friends and fans on their resolutions.
“Creativity is intelligence having fun” is the quote from Albert Einstein featured on our Facebook Page, where we polled our friends and fans on their resolutions.

Quilting is an amazing outlet for creativity and self-expression. It means putting a part of ourselves into something that gives comfort to the people we care about. But, it also requires dedicating time to trying new things, learning new skills and keeping up the momentum on an old project when something new and fun comes around to distract us. When you find yourself in a rut or wanting to expand, books can be a great way to find the inspiration, instruction and motivation we all need from time to time.

So, when I went to our Facebook Page and asked out fans about their New Year’s Resolutions, I had an idea.  I wanted to figure out if there was a way to support our followers that invest in what they love by matching quilter’s resolutions with books we’ve published. In the end, I picked three resolutions that paired with a mix three different of titles (and each comment picked gets a free copy of that book), plus, I’ve matched up some of our great free resources with others that commented.


Resolution 1: Scrap Happy

Thimbleberries Scrap Quilts Taming your scrap pile is a big job for many quilters – but with fun, easy projects that are beautiful with a wide variety of fabric choices our first book is Thimbleberries® Scrap Quilts by Lynette Jensen. Plus, if you’re looking for a good way to bring your stash under control, check out our free printable stash markers on our blog!


Resolution 2: UFO No Fly Zone

Quilt Sashings & Settings  A lot of you mentioned the stack of UFOs confronting you in 2014. One great way to just get them done is to take the pieces you’ve completed and design the sashings and settings yourself. With the book Quilt Sashings & Settings The basics & beyond author Jean Ann Wright delivers a wealth of inspiration, along with basic step-by-step instructions, plenty of helpful charts and fun projects that demonstrate sashings and setting techniques (including diagonal settings, strippy settings and a primer on her Circle of Nine setting technique!)



Resolution Solution 3: Fabric Flights of Fancy

Easy Cut Quilts with a modern twist By combining pre-cuts and simple patterns, with variations that make each project unique, Easy-Cut Quilts with a Modern Twist is the perfect book for new and experienced quilters who find themselves drawn to the huge amount of fabric options out there. With precuts you can still grab all of the latest fabric trends, stitch them up quickly, and be guilt-free when new fabrics tempt you (or store them away knowing you’ve got a book full of patterns to consult when you’re ready for your next project).


More Resolution Solutions from Our Fans:

Several Facebook friends mentioned that they wanted to work on their free-motion quilting, and learning how to quilt on their home sewing machines. I have been working on this myself and I would really recommend checking out our brand new videos on our YouTube channel that cover all of the basics of quilting on your home sewing machine from master quilter and Author of the book Machine Quilting the Basics & Beyond. The videos cover everything you’ll want to know if you’re just beginning, and they’re easy to go back to once you have some practice under your belt to cover any problems you might be having, or give you ideas of where to go next. Check out the full playlist of videos on our blog, just click this link.

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Keep your eyes peeled for my next big question on our Facebook Page, and until then, keep doing what you love!

Tell Us in the Comments: How have books helped you solve a problem or inspired you recently? What other resources do you use to help you reach your goals when doing what you love to do?

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