3 Ideas for Unconventional Quilts

FEAT_UnconQuilts I can’t claim to be a quilter, but I am the son and grandson of quilters, and my partner has recently gotten into the hobby. They always seem to be looking for the next technique or the latest trend to test their skills. Quilting is obviously a very enjoyable hobby and I have reaped the benefits with some great quilts. So, in an effort to find some new challenges for the women in my life, I would like to share a few unconventional quilting ideas and see if you have some of your own to share.

The first idea is making quilts from old t-shirts. I personally love this idea, and I have a feeling my partner will, as well, because I have t-shirts that are 10+ years old that she wants to throw away but hold a special significance for me. Here is a great website that shows how to make a t-shirt quilt using anywhere from 4-36 shirts: http://www.straw.com/quilting/articles/teequilts.html. We take family vacations every 5 years and always have t-shirts made for the event. I think this quilt idea is a perfect way to remember each occasion.

My second unconventional idea can also be considered for quilting on a budget. I have stumbled across a few websites that give instructions for making a tea bag quilt. This caught my eye because my partner has a cup of tea before bed every night and we always have plenty of tea bags around the house. This is a great way to recycle those bags and use them for quilting! Here is an ideal for a tea bag quilt panel http://toowildquilters.blogspot.com/2012/04/tea-bag-quilt-panel.html and another with some great ideas for a tea bag quilt http://www.judycoatesperez.com/tea-bags-revisited/.

This last idea has to be my favorite. My partner and I recently had a daughter and we have an overabundance of clothing. I mean we have four tubs of clothes from newborn to 9 months. It’s crazy the amount of clothing we have.  As she outgrows her clothes we can give them away or save them for our next child but there are some outfits that just seem unique to her and we have grown attached to. Our solution may have been found on this quilt blog: http://www.feelslikehomeblog.com/2010/09/keepsake-quilting-make-a-quilt-from-baby-clothes/. Making a keepsake quilt out of our favorite outfits seems like such a great way to celebrate her first year with us. I am excited to put aside our favorite outfits for when I talk someone into doing this for us!

I’m sure there are dozens of great, unconventional ideas out there that have inspired some beautiful quilts. Please share your own unique ideas for quilts in the comments below!

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