5 Easy Tips and Tricks to Save on Quilting

Being frugal has become commonplace these days. Whether we are looking at deal-a-day sites like Groupon and Woot.com, or we are standing in line on Black Friday to get a great deal on a TV, we are all looking to pinch the most we can out of our budgets. Trying to save on quilting is no different. We buy fabric and thread in bulk and stash it on our shelves until we can find a project to use it, look for free patterns online and wait until books go on sale. When quilting on a budget, we have to save wherever we can. Here are 5 great money-saving ideas to help keep our favorite hobby moving and save on quilting.

1. Recycling – Quilting Fabric Could be Any Fabric

Do you have clothes your children have outgrown? Clothes of your own that are out of date or have holes? All of these can be cut up and used for patchwork and applique pieces. Bed sheets can be used for backing as well.

2. To Save on Quilting, Don’t Use Precuts – A Little More Work Could Save $$

It is easier to buy precuts than to do the work yourself, but easy is almost never good for your budget, as you end up paying for the convenience. A jelly roll can be $40 or more. Instead you can buy a 1/8th of a yard of your favorite fabrics and create your own roll for much less. Buying a 1/6th of a yard will give you 5” squares and ¼ to 1/3 of a yard will let you create 10 inch squares. It can mean more work and time while you’re in the store, but you can spend that extra money elsewhere. Need help calculating fabric requirements and figuring out just how many sqaures, triangles or strips you can get from a piece of fabric? Check out our handy reference guide No Math Charts and Formulas – an inexpensive purchase that will save you plenty in the long run by minimizing fabric waste.

3. Take Advantage of Quilt Shop Deals or Utilize Chain Stores for Batting

While it is great to support your local quilt shop, it is much more affordable to go to a chain store like JoAnns or Hancock Fabrics for things like batting. Coupons can be found easily enough and many can even be used online.

Also keep in mind that many quilt shops have loyalty programs to help you save money. Ask at your local shop and sign up! Make sure to keep the card in your wallet to rack up points and splurge on the newest fabric as your budget allows.

4. Shop Vintage and Second Hand Stores to Save on Quilting

Many of these stores not only have vintage sheets that can be used as backing, they also may have vintage sewing machines for under $100. If we are sticking with the recycling theme laid out earlier you can always get used clothing to cut up at these second hand stores as well.  Also be on the lookout for garage sales and estate sales in your area as these can be great places to find unusual and unique fabrics.

5. Scrap Quilts Can Help You Save on Quilting

This may be the most obvious of all our money saving suggestions but it is a great one. As we finish projects we all have scraps. These should be kept for a future project. When enough have been collected it’s time to make a scrap quilt! There are many, many books and patterns out there – two books we recommend are Thimbleberries® Scrap Quilts and 2 Piece Patchwork.

 This is only a small list of money saving suggestions, what ways to you use your budget wisely? 

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