Behind the Seams: A Hand Stitched Valentine’s Gift


Sure, Valentine’s day is a day filled with plenty of wonderful history, but now-a-days we use it as an excuse to spend time with the people we love, which can include exchanging gifts. It’s the perfect reason to get crafty, because after all, a gift made by hand is a gift straight from the heart. Landauer Publishing’s Photographer Sue has been stitching up a storm lately, and she does amazing hand stitching. This year, for Valentine’s day, she created a hand-stitched, framed heart of her own design with a special hand-written message for her hubby. In Sue’s own words:

I’m not a fan of most greeting cards, especially at Valentine’s Day. So, I decided to stitch my own Valentine’s sentiment for my husband. I drew a heart and stitched it with the following stitches:

Detatched cross

Lazy Daisy

Chain Stitch

Running Stitch

Straight Stitch

Fly Stitches

And French Knots

While the piece is still rather “frilly” I decided to use a more masculine frame to frame the heart. I needed the heart to be red, but the grey makes it a bit manlier, too.

I stitched the heart on a light weight muslin with size 8 perle cotton thread (I like to use Valdani threads). I used some rice paper I found at a local craft store, and since the paper wasn’t entirely opaque I used a piece of purple paper behind it that looked nice and hid the back of the frame that would have shown through otherwise.

A close-up image of Sue's beautiful heart.
A close-up image of Sue’s beautiful heart.

Did you make something for this Valentine’s day? What kind of hand-made gifts do you like to give? Tell us in the comments below!

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