Chain Piecing Quilt Blocks: A Simple How-To

Chain piecing your quilt blocks saves time and thread, since you don’t have to stop and cut the thread in between each piece. In essence, you are turning your sewing machine into a one-person assembly line, sewing pieces into units, units into quilt blocks, quickly and efficiently.

Before you begin chain piecing, cut all your fabric pieces and place them near your sewing machine, so that you can easily pick up and layer the correct pieces together to feed through the machine, one after the other.

Begin your chain piecing by feeding a folded fabric scrap through your sewing machine before the first patchwork pieces. This will prevent the corners of your pieces from getting pulled down into the feed dogs.

Continue to feed pieces or units through your sewing machine until they have all been sewn. Then cut the threads between each piece and take them to your pressing surface.

Watch the chain piecing in action in this video from our Quilting The basics & beyond playlist:

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