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box of fabric scraps
Our scrappy stash test subjects waiting to be sorted and labeled.

To celebrate the start of our brand new blog we’re offering a free download of these printable stash labels you can use to organize your fabric stash. Easy to print on labels (we recommend Avery #5160 or similar) in color, in a downloadable MS Word document. Check at the end of the post for the download link.

Yesterday, we printed out a fresh set of labels and set to sorting a stash we had around the office – our editorial department has a nice big box of fabrics they keep around for projects, photographs and background images that we commandeered in the name of stash organization!

label your fabric stacks sitting on your shelves
Put the labels right on the fabric, or stick them to the shelves where you stack your fabric – it’s up to you!

Now, it’s worth noting that we have found a huge number of ways people have shared for sorting their stash. From simple folding and sorting and stacking them in drawers or on shelves, to hanging your stash on folders in filing cabinets – you have plenty of options that work for your space and protect your fabric from little hands or paws.

fabric stash organizing labels that you can see through clear bins
Labels are easy to see right through the side of a clear storage bin

We’ve tried to make these printable labels as versatile as possible to fit whatever system you choose. Looking for stash storage inspiration? We’ve collected some of our favorite fabric storage ideas on a pinterest board on our pinterest page for you to browse, or let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed in the comments below.

How We Use the Printable Stash Organizers

giant pile of fabric scraps
The whole box unceremoniously emptied out. Let the sorting begin!

To get started, we dumped out the box  laid out the fabric neatly in front of us. We decided that sorting by color seemed to be the most useful way of doing it, letting the labels keep track of the size of the scraps so we could quickly locate fabrics that would match a project, and then we could figure out if we had enough of that fabric from how it was labeled. How you do it might be different, it all depends on how you  work and the space you have.

Next, we sorted through the fabrics, gave them a quick measure and then folded them. Sometime during the process Marketing and Advertising Manager McB McManus discovered that she could use the end of her 6 1/2″ wide ruler to uniformly fold her fabric pieces into 6 and 1/2″ wide squares – the idea seemed a bit much at first, but once her neat piles starting stacking up, I took a look at my sad, scraggly pile and then located my own ruler and went to town.

a great tip for folding fabric
At first, using a ruler seemed a little too nit picky to fold fabric this way, but the stacks ended up even and straight, even though they were all different sizes.
hand flipping through fabric stash organization markers
We ended up putting the fabric scraps in color order, after folding and sorting by size. This way they were easy to line up in a bin, and with the labels it was simple to quickly check the size of the piece without having to unfold and measure.

It was surprisingly quick work, and sorting, folding and labeling the box of fabrics only took about half an hour. We speculate that the help of a good friend and a bottle of wine combined could make quick afternoon for sorting of a much larger stash. Plus, after a bit, it was easy to tell the general size of a fabric piece just by handling it, which made measuring much less necessary. Once the folding was done, we sorted them by color and lined them up in a empty plastic bin that we had handy. Voila! A nice, neat collection of scrap fabrics, labeled and sorted and ready for easy use.

Ready to print out your labels and get sorting? Click here to download them now and get started – or bookmark this page and come back to it later when you’re ready to get sorting.

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    • E.B. Updegraff
    • E.B. Updegraff
    • E.B. Updegraff

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