Help! I Can’t Find Fabric!

Did you ever think you would hear a quilter mutter those five words? It happens. Even with piles and piles of stashed fabric and bolt upon bolt at local quilt shops, sometimes we just can’t find the fabric we need. Maybe you have a yard of the most amazing fabric in your stash and it’s perfect for your next quilt project. But oh no! The pattern calls for two yards!!

If you’re in a lurch or having a tough time finding the exact piece of fabric you need, there are great resources to save the day!

This site is Google for quilting supplies and fabric. Search for fabric by keyword. I typed in coffee (because what quilter doesn’t love coffee?) and in seconds, I had hundreds of results with coffee-themed fabric from countless online stores. You can also upload a photo of a fabric swatch and generates results for where you can find it. This was my coffee fabric discovery:

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.56.08 PM

This site also allows you to search by keyword for fabric and quilt patterns. But the best feature is the “Ask the Shops” function. Send an email to with as much detail as possible about the quilting item you’re looking for. In return, they ask their network of over 1,000 shops if they sell the fabric, tool or other quilting notion you’re in search of! Remember, the more detail you include, the better responses you’ll receive.

Kona Cotton Converter

Perhaps you have thread that you want to match fabric to or vice versa. A lovely blogger has done the work for you! has a chart that matches Kona Cotton solids to Aurifil threads. With over 300 choices of Kona solids, this is an extremely handy tool! It was hard to pick a favorite after looking through all 303 swatches, but at this moment, Salmon is catching my eye.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 2.03.29 PM

Online Quilting Communities

Your fellow quilters are some of the most resourceful people. Chances are if you’re looking for a fabric, another quilter has it or has seen it. Most of these communities are free to sign up and use. Quilting Around the World, Quilter’s Club of America and Missouri Star are all great communities to join. Go ahead, ask away!

What resources do you use to find fabric? Tell us in the comments below!


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