Infographic: 12 Classic Patchwork Quilt Blocks With Diagrams and Cutting Instructions in Multiple Sizes

12-Classic-Quilt-Blocks-Pin There are soooo many patchwork quilt blocks…hundreds and hundreds! And that is before we even start counting variations on the classics! Here is an infographic with diagrams and cutting instructions for 12 of the most popular patchwork quilt blocks, with multiple size options. Whether you are a beginning quilter or you are an experienced stitcher with hundreds of quilts under her belt, these are blocks you come back to again and again…and you’ll love having this handy infographic around! Pin it, bookmark it, or print it out, however you save images.

And be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post for a link to a FREE sampler quilt pattern that you can use to showcase your classic patchwork quilt blocks!

At a glance, you’ll be able to find diagrams and cutting instructions in multiple sizes for 12 different patchwork quilt blocks:

  • Ohio Star
  • Shoofly
  • Churn Dash
  • Card Trick
  • Maple Leaf
  • Cake Stand Basket
  • Double Pinwheel
  • Dutchman’s Puzzle
  • Clay’s Choice
  • King’s Crown
  • Big T
  • Antique Tiles

Download Links

Click here to view the full image. (To save the image to your computer, on a PC right-click and select “Save Link As”, on a Mac use ctrl+click “Save Linked File As”…)

Click here to download a printable PDF: 12 Classic Blocks

Find diagrams for more blocks in the book Quilting Among Friends, available online at

Bonus FREE Patchwork Quilt Block Sampler Quilt Pattern –

Get a free pattern for a 12 block sampler quilt – perfect to fill with your 12 Classic blocks or swap blocks with friends! Get it on our free quilt projects page at Click here for a FREE sampler quilt pattern.


Would you like to see more of these infographics? What is your favorite quilt block? Let us know in the comments below!


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