Infographic: 6 ways to make Half-square Triangles with the math done for you!

6 ways to make HSTs Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous components of quilt blocks is the Half-square Triangle, also known as the HST. Simply put, these are squares made up of two right triangles. Some blocks, like the Zigzag, Pinwheel and Broken Dishes, are made up entirely of HSTs, while many other blocks use them as part of their design.

There are so many ways to make those cute little HSTs! Here is an infographic with diagrams and instructions for six of the most popular techniques, along with size information. Whether you are a beginning quilter or you are an experienced sewer with hundreds of quilts under your belt, these are techniques you’ll refer to again and again…and you’ll love having this handy infographic around! Pin it, bookmark it, or print it out, however you save images.

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Click here to download a printable PDF: The Mighty Half-square Triangle

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