Kid-Friendly Quilt Projects

I went to the grocery store last night and was shocked to see Halloween candy lining the shelves. Not only does this mean I need to strengthen my will power to avoid sweets, but summer will soon come to an end and the colors of fall will appear. This time also means buying new pencils and notebooks and getting the kiddos ready for school.

Before the summer wraps up, why not fit in a few more precious moments? I’ve gathered up some great kid-friendly quilt projects to add some fun to the end of summer.

1. Notebook Cover

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.09.48 PM

This project is part of our free pattern collection! Use bright and colorful scraps of fabric to cover plain notebooks. Add ribbons and bows or write with fabric markers to add even more personalization.

2. Pencil Case

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.14.55 PM

Though this project was originally created as a travel sewing holder, I think it’s a great pencil case. The elastic and pockets on the inside can hold erasers, pencils and other school supplies. Gather up some fat eighths, elastic and flashy ribbon to make this free sewing project. Your little helper will have fun creating this easy sewing project with you!

3. Magic Cape


Delight a budding magician with the quick-sew magic cape. Have your little one pick out their favorite fabric. Then go to town sewing this up and appliquéing stars onto the cape. This is also a free project! Find it on our free sewing and quilting project page.

4. Dorm Quilt


Don’t forget about the older kids! This project is available in the book, Quilts for Men. Don’t let the title deceive you–this project book is full of quilts for “men” of all ages! Choose novelty prints featuring their favorite activity, such as music or football. This is a great project for a beginning quilter with large blocks and easy cuts. Start them off young!

What sewing and quilting projects have you made with your young ones? Share in the comments below!


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