Machine Appliqué Free eGuide!

I think most quilters have a love or hate relationship with appliqué. Either they go running for the hills when they see it on a quilt pattern or they swipe it right away and hurry back to their sewing nook to start their new appliqué adventure. Are you in the first camp? If machine appliqué is on your quilting bucket list, or you’re looking to pick up a new quilt skill, we have a free resource that will turn your hate for appliqué into an addiction for appliqué!


Our new free downloadable eGuide is a great resource to learn to machine appliqué. Why is it so great? Take a gander:

  1. The 14- page booklet is packed with step-by-step instructions to help you master machine appliqué
  2. Print the guide out or save it to your tablet for easy viewing while you piece and stitch
  3. The free download includes common steps of the machine appliqué process: preparing appliqué with fusible web, how to fussy cut fabric, beginning and ending machine stitches and instruction for 5 common machine appliqué instructions
  4. It’s free!
  5. All the content in the machine appliqué guide comes from one of our favorite books, Appliqué The basics & beyond by Janet Pittman.

Ready to pick up a new skill and cross something off your bucket list? Click here to download our free machine appliqué eguide. Clear your schedule for the next few weeks–you have some new quilt projects to complete!

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