New! Knitbook

Many hobbyists enjoy more than one craft. Quilters can easily cross over to knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, sewing garments–you name it! Having a creative eye helps transition from one craft to another. But if you need some help getting started and mastering the basics, we’re here to help.

We recently released our popular Knitbook in a new softcover edition. The new format is easy to tote around along with your other essential knitting supplies. The softcover also means a lower price!

Take a look inside:


Start off by learning the very basics of knitting, including what supplies you will need.

Learn a large variety of stitch patterns with the included Stitch Pattern Summary.

Practice your newly learned knitting skills with three beginner knitting patterns.

Detailed photos and illustrations ensure your knitting success.

Check out more details and page samples of Knitbook by clicking here. Enjoy your knitting journey!

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