Online Resources for Applique Patterns, Inspiration and Ideas

From unique sources for templates to inspiration and ideas, the internet is full of great places to find applique resources. If you’re looking to learn how to applique we’ve got several great books like Needleturn Applique The basics & beyond by Angela Lawrence, First Time Machine Applique by Janet Pittman and Applique & Embroidery Fundamentals by Janice Vaine – but if you’re already well on your way to being an applique enthusiast we’ve got more great ideas of places to look online for applique quilt block inspiration.

1. Pinterest

pinterest easy applique for beginners On Landauer’s Pinterest page we’re building boards with images from our to inspire – whether you’re looking for Applique Patterns for KidsEmbroidery and Applique Flowers and Quilted Gardens, or Easy Applique for Beginners. When you search for the term “applique” on Pinterest you can find oodles and oodles of fun, cute or stunning applique projects, tutorials and ideas to keep you stitching for a very long time.

2. Finding Applique Patterns and Templates

Pinterest can also be a great place to find applique patterns and templates, and there are plenty of sites that offer free applique patterns (the aptly named is one that has a huge number of free templates) but there’s one resource I like that you may not have thought of before. Online coloring book sites are great places to find a huge number of simple line drawings, many of which are perfect as easy applique patterns. If you’re using the image for personal use you can search through or browse big collections of images on sites, like Crayola’s free coloring book pages.  While you can get instructions, inspiration and great patterns for applique quilts for kids from books like Janet Pittman’s Colorful Quilts for Playful Kids, if you need to find a specific applique pattern not found in a book then searching through coloring book pages could be your answer!

3. Making Your Own Appliques

A rough, but simple tulip I created for an applique project in about 5 minutes with an online drawing tool.
A rough, but simple tulip I created for an applique project in about 5 minutes with an online drawing tool.

You don’t need fancy software to create your own applique patterns and templates on your home computer. Even the simplest desktop or online image editors have basic drawing tools that can be used to construct appliques out of simple shapes. An online program like Sumopaint (free version at would be all you need to get started and by laying down basic shapes you can create a simple applique pattern of your very own design in just a couple of minutes. If you’re unfamiliar with paint programs like Sumopaint and others, there might be a little bit of a learning curve. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a quick demo video of how to create an applique pattern using a free online program.

If you don’t want to bother with online programs, simply printing images you like and combining them by hand-tracing or tracing with an image editor on your computer could work well, too. I love this tutorial I found while searching online on how to do just that at

4. Many More Resources

To be honest, there are plenty of great places online to find applique inspiration – from searching YouTube for tutorials and videos, to checking out special-interest applique groups on Flickr, like this one. There are also plenty of online blogs, forums and communities out there dedicated to applique enthusiasts – too many for me to check out and still get some work done around here.

Do you have an online, go-to resource when you’re looking for applique patterns, templates and inspiration? Let me know, and share with everyone else that reads the blog, in the comments below. I’m always on the look-out for fun, new sewing and crafting inspiration and resources online and I’d love to hear yours.

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