Quilt-Inspired Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are some of the trendiest books right now. We’re taking back our crayons and reclaiming the glory days of our childhood. Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore! There are many articles describing the positive effects coloring can have for adults. These include increased productivity, stress-relief and training the brain to focus. And on a very base level, it’s a relaxing, calming creative activity.

I decided to put this theory to the test with our new quilt-inspired adult coloring books. My week has been long and hectic, and by Friday my head was cloudy and my focus was completely out the window. I’m not much of a colorer. It probably stems from my problem of coloring outside of the lines (whoops). So I told myself I had to sit for 15 minutes and color.


I pulled out my new copy of Coloring Book of Creative Quilts and a stack of colored pencils. My phone was buzzing, my email was dinging and I was still making lists in my head of what needed to get done before the weekend when I started out on my coloring journey.


Pretty soon, I was in the zone. I found my thoughts focusing on what color way I should choose for each block and imagining fabric designs in my head. I even started to create fabric designs with my colored pencils. It was so much fun!


Before I knew it, 15 minutes was up, but I wasn’t ready to step out of the coloring zone. So I continued to color through my lunch. I colored so long, my computer went into sleep mode. This never happens! My work and computer are mutually exclusive-it is always alive and humming. And, yes, I had to take a photo to prove it!

It was amazing how focused I was for the rest of the day. It felt like my brain had hit the reset button and tasks that seemed daunting and I had been dreading suddenly seemed inspiring and I couldn’t wait to tackle them. For those of you who run over your lunch hour, it’s very similar to that feeling.

But this coloring book also made me want to quilt. I was thinking about fabric and design and if the blocks would be scrappy or subtle. I tested out different color variations on the the different blocks to test out my quilting visions. The next step would be to take my colored page to the quilt shop and get fabric!

I would highly suggest anyone, not just quilters, get their hands on our two adult coloring books. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard to find something that makes you slow down and enjoy the beauty of what you’re doing. Be sure to check out Coloring Book of Creative Quilts and Coloring Book of Quilt Blocks & Designs.

MAIN_ColoringBookofCreativeBlocksDesigns   MAIN_ColoringBookofCreativeQuilts

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