Stitch Your Own Holiday Cards

BLOG_StitchedCards Have you ever stitched a greeting card? I decided to start testing out some ideas for stitched holiday cards over the weekend—because the season is almost upon us. (Or, if you have been inside a retail establishment recently, you might think it is already here!) Every year, I promise myself that I will do more hand-made things for the holidays, and every year finds me rushing around at the last moment to get everything done…and that includes sending out mass-produced holiday cards to friends and family. Fingers crossed—this year will be different!

My card stitchery idea came about because I am in between projects. I just finished putting the binding on a really vibrant, modern quilt and haven’t yet begun cutting fabrics for the quilt I promised to make for a fundraiser raffle. I’m also in the process of rearranging my sewing room, so there is quite a bit of stash sorting going on.

Here are some ideas for stitching holiday cards:

BLOG_Cards-MerryXmas Keep it simple

Trim a scrap of novelty print fabric with pinking shears and stitch it to a card with an accent thread. Layer a piece of muslin and top with a printed ribbon (or you could hand letter a message with a fabric pen).

BLOG_Cards-Ornaments Fussy cut a design motif

Cut out a section of fabric and stitch it onto a card. You can be as simple or as elaborate as you like with the stitching. Actually, this is a great way to practice your free-motion quilting movements as you echo your motif or trace features of the print.

Pick a holiday icon


Whether a Christmas tree, a star, a snowman, or some other easily recognizable icon of the holiday season, lay it out in fabric and stitch it down. You can use a coordinating thread so that your stitches disappear, or use a contrasting thread with a decorative stitch to add extra pizzazz. BLOG_Cards-Star BLOG_Cards-XmasTree2 BLOG_Cards-Snowman

BLOG_Cards-Stitches Play with those decorative stitches

This is a great opportunity to experiment with all of those features on your machine that you may not have taken the time to get familiar with. I had a great time using bright, eye-catching threads with the various “star” stitches on my machine! I thought these looked like garlands or strands of holiday lights and they were so fast and easy to stitch.

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