How To Tie A Quilt

FEAT_TieQuilt One of the simplest ways to secure the layers of your quilt is to tie them. Hand tying a quilt is a quick and easy alternative to hand or machine quilting. Tied quilts are durable and easily washed, making them great for babies and kids, charity quilts, or picnic blankets.

Our tips for how to tie a quilt were compiled from First-Time Quiltmaking and Quilting The basics & beyond.

The quilt layers should be pin-basted before tying. This will ensure the layers won’t slip as the needle is being pushed through and pulled back up to the top of the quilt. It is also a good idea to stitch in the ditch of the quilt’s seam lines if the fabric you used could stretch while tying.

BLOG_TieQuilt1 1. Thread a size 14 or 18 darning needle with an 18″ single strand of perle cotton thread or yarn. Start at the center of the quilt top and make a single running stitch approximately 1/8″ to 1/4″ long through all the quilt layers beginning and ending on the quilt top. Leave a 3″ thread tail. Cut the thread on the needle side leaving a 3″ tail.


BLOG_TieQuilt2 2. Tie a square knot on the quilt top with the thread ends. Pull the knot tight to secure it, but do not pull it so tight that it causes puckers on your quilt top. BLOG_TieQuiltKnot

BLOG_TieQuilt3 3. Continue tying the rest of the quilt in the same manner. Clip all the thread ends to the same length.


Tip: Tie the quilt approximately every 4″ to keep all three layers secure. Your knots should pass the “fist test:” when you place your loosely-closed fist anywhere on the quilt, a knot should be very close to, or touching your fist.

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